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Deep Redemption in english - Blog Tour & ARC Review



He was born to ascend.
He was destined to lead.
He was never meant to fail.

Prophet Cain lies broken and defeated on the floor of his cell. A cell he has been thrown into by the one person who was supposed to stand by his side until the end. His flesh and blood, his only companion. His beloved twin brother. Cain has sacrificed everything for his people. He left the safety and security of his life of study to infiltrate the infamous Hades Hangmen. He lived with them, rode with them, and then betrayed them. All in the name of a faith he can now feel slipping away from him. Like everything else he once held dear… But then his isolation is broken. Another prisoner is brought to the cell next to his. A woman fighting her own demons and fears. A woman who Cain understands needs him, as he needs her. As the connection between them grows, so does Cain’s resolve. He will right the wrongs he has done. He will atone for the evil acts carried out in his name. He will save the one he loves… Even if the battle takes him to the gates of hell itself...

Contemporary Dark Romance. Contains explicit sexual situations, violence, sensitive and taboo subjects, offensive language, and mature topics.
Recommended for age 18 years and up.


The book begins with Cain telling how he infiltrated the motorcycle club Hades Hangmen. Those who have read the previous books, will understand how it happened in this volume 4 of the series. Secrets will be revealed, barriers will be broken and the reader will be thrown into this dramatic challenge of redemption.

Cain is drowning in remorse, feeling that his sin was too severe, he allows guilty to corrode his soul and passively accepts his punishment .... Wow!
And what punishment .... too much violence for one person only ... There were times I had to stop to breathe a little and not freak out .... Very strong! I confess that in parts I struggled, cried, wanted to throw the tablet at the wall and scream with rage ...... Anyway .... not only violence but Cain lived a lot of love too ....

In an unexpected moment, he realizes that he has a new cell neighbor or was it a woman?

A cry
               A voice
                           An encounter
                                              A light in the darkness....

Day after day, Cain and his prison neighbor create a connection and begin to depend on small moments of light to face their own battles. Under very hostile circumstances, these two suffering and broken souls meet and with their friendship and the discovery of a beautiful love (I promise it is love) they bring to the plot all the lightness and softness that I needed to calm my anger and thirst for justice.

But one cannot expect too much lightness, right? After all it is a dark novel and many things happen to Cain for all and in whom he believed all his life falls apart. Everyone turn their faces for him, at least that was what he thought until he realized that most people wanted the same thing: free the innocent from the claws of this crazy cult.

Gaining new strength in his fight, he faces his biggest fears in order to change the fate of those he loves. Very beautiful the way it transforms the whole situation that seemed irretrievably lost. Then I thought :

He's not a monster, he was not moved by his belief and all that he was induced to beleive. He deserves forgiveness, of course! But it is not so obvious for so the leaders of the sect and Hades Hangmen. Too much crazyness happens until the outcome and the gorgeous epilogue of the book. For me, the strongest part of the plot was the determined and passionate presence of the fearless protagonist. She was the protagonist, without question. The way she fought for everything she believed in and her love was fantastic ... there's a scene toward the end where she makes a speech defending Cain  .... I dropped everything and applauded standing ..... Best protagonist of all time for me ...

I loved this book, the presence of the other couples in the series also brought more action to the plot and already I'm rooting for the next book’s couple to be AK and Phoebe ... Counting the seconds to maybe see a bit of Cain  again a little bit. ...

Myl (mil =a thousand) starlets for this book .... 5/5
Highly recommend it
Kisses, Myl

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